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Jessie's Bags LLC

Our Story is ever changing...

in 2020 we are shifting to showcase




Jessie's Bags

we are adding some NEW Products to our line up.


Custom Signs & T - Shirts

How it all Began.....

We're a community! Anyone can get involved and help out a breast cancer survivor and help us Encourage others. Sign up for our Make a Bag or No Sew program to help create your own Jessie's Bag care package.

Support our projects , Volunteer contact us to make a donation..

Our First Volunteers

Jessie & Joanne

Jessie's Bags is a philanthropic organization that gives breast cancer patients care packages in stylish handmade patchwork bags. Every Jessie's Bag is one-of-a-kind and handmade by Jessie herself or by the helping hands of one of our many volunteers. Jessie's Bags mission is to give breast cancer survivors, patients, and their families hope and strength for the future and to show how much we all care and wish for their life of health and happiness. At Jessie's Bags we believe that even small acts make a world of difference.

100 bags a month in 2014

87 year old Jessie (a 3 time Breast cancer survivor) has been making bags for other Breast Cancer Survivors since 2006 using these upcycled materials.

This mobile community service community service program.

Participants assist us in making Bags for breast cancer survivors, using recycled materials. All of our recycled fabrics are transformed into beautiful designed reversible tote bags, which we donate to Breast Cancer Survivors many of whom we find at chemotherapy infusion centers, oncology doctors’ offices, imaging centers and hospitals.


We get most of our fabrics & materials from recycled textiles which makes our products easy on the environment. We take discarded fabrics from textile companies and make them into something new! We use everything from belts and ties to ribbons and embellishments. We try to use every piece of fabric donated to us even the scraps become part of our tags. No waste for us.